Awkward question of the day:

How do  you know your presentation is any good if you can't see the audience?

Let me explain the question a little further : If you are used to presenting in public, you pretty much have the audience by the short and curlies. ​

Regardless of how bad you are, and depending on the setting, you have them pretty much nailed to their seats.

You probably know all the tricks about looking at feet shuffling to see how bored people are.

But guess what...

On a webinar - they can do what ever they want...

Social media is just a click away. A webinar visitor can have 3 YouTube tabs open while listening to you.

blue jays

A webinar guest can check on their favourite sports teams while listening to you.

A webinar guest can even watch porn while listening to you. It's the internet right?

Hi, I'm Jonathan and I want to do ONE THING on this page. Help you make your webinar more effective at generating more business.

jonathan senior

Why webinars are a strategic decision rather than a tactical one. (or some home truths...)

The world is online.

Your audience is online NOW. Fixing car insurance, replying to emails. WATCHING PORN...

If you aren't there. You are missing out.

If you are there. You need to be GOOD...  People have consumer level expectation

As a speaker, you NEED to move with the times, get in the game, if you aren't presenting online - and don't know the difference between presenting offline vs presenting online. You are likely to go the way of the dinosaur.

IF so... we should talk...

Your customers are out there. Do you know ANYTHING about them?

When I first started presenting my own webinars (It was in 2009) I used to get really excited by the novelty of it all. I mean - how cool was it to be talking and beaming over borders. I forgot one crucial thing. The audience has stacks of better things to do...

In truth, I had NO IDEA WHO these people were, how they got there, what they were looking for, what else they were interested in.

3 reasons why people fail to show up to any webinar.

The sign up page and email sequence fail to inspire or excite.

You haven't made the reason and the benefits for attending crystal clear to the guest.

They have a stack of other stuff to do in their lives.

So as I did session after session, I formulated my thinking.

Over a period of time, I started testing...

The first question I asked myself was - "Is this possible?" Is it possible to look at a webinar - everything from the physical slides. This is important - but there are other things, the registration page, the email sequence, where it sits in the marketing masterplan and figure out if it was likely to be successful or not.

All webinars have the same function

And that is to make the guest DO SOMETHING. To buy something, leave a comment, request a quote or watch a video. All webinars should require people to do something. The psychology is beautiful. You get to make a presentation AT A TIME OF YOUR CHOOSING direct to the living room of your target audience. NOTHING ELSE has this power.


The webinar voyeur is for you if...

  • You built your webinar based on an existing offline presentation and you aren't totally convinced that what they have done is right. AND/OR
  • ​You need a third party to look at what an "expert" has done. AND/OR
  • You feel you have suffered "death by template". That is, your webinar looks the same as everyone else's
webinar voyeur

What people say about me...

Get started now... today...

I only have a limited number of slots to do webinar voyeur sessions each week.

Previously, I have had to remove this page temporarily when demand is too great.

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Jonathan Senior
Your webinar voyeur

About Jonathan

I have been designing my own website sites since 2001. I have been presenting live webinars since 2009.

Away from working online, I have been a triathlete for over 20 years. I am a multiple Ironman finisher and a running coach. When not down the pool, road or track, I like punk rock, rap and rugby league.

You are likely to find me very direct and if you ask for me opinion, be ready for an honest answer. This is because if you hire me, for a webinar voyeur, it is in my interest that I give you the absolute best advice possible.

I don't say and do things to be smart and make you look dumb. (I have done all the dumb things you can possible imagine and then some more).

I say and do things that will have as big an impact on your business as possible.

Sometimes the truth can be unpleasant.

Is the webinar voyeur right for you?


What happens on the webinar voyeur?

Step ONE

I will send you a short survey to fill in.

As soon as your payment clears, I will email you a special link. 

Don't worry. It's very short. This will allow me to get an angle on what you are doing. (Plus useful stuff for me to know like where you are in the world).

It is important that you are as accurate and truthful as possible. You will send me your latest webinar. I can either watch live or you can send me a recording via dropbox or similar.


Next, I will watch your webinar over and over again. Revisiting your performance on key sections. During this period, I will be focusing on ONE THING and ONE THING alone. YOUR WEBINAR.

At this point, when many coaches and consultants say bespoke, what they mean is that they put your logo on what they do for everyone else and pass it off as original.


I will go away and write your report.

Next, I will hunker down with the results of your initial survey and my experience of watching your webinar to write your report. During this period, I will be focusing on ONE THING and ONE THING alone. YOUR WEBINAR.

Plus - It's bonus time...

For a limited time only, for every webinar voyeur booked, you will get the following bonus items FREE OF CHARGE.

website voyeur
business card voyeur

The website voyeur is a 34 point check on your website (or that of your competitor...) and a report via video to watch at your convenience. You are literally sat looking over my shoulder as I am hyper critical of what I see before me.

Usually, I charge £399 for this - webinar voyeur customers get it totally free of charge.

The business card voyeur is a xx point check on your business card. (It can be any card). Ideal for spying on your competitor... You will get a report back via email detailing the good and the not so good about the card.

Usually, I charge £197 for this but marketing voyeur customers get one totally free of charge.

This means that you get £399 + £197 = £598 worth of services absolutely free.


How long does the webinar voyeur take?

The initial survey will take a couple of minutes. You should block out a full day for the initial meeting and half a day for the follow up.

Why should I buy this instead of some other product?

If you are already thinking like that. It is probably best that you go ahead and buy somebody else's product.

What happens next?

As soon as your payment is cleared, I will send you a short survey to fill in. (Don't worry - it's very short).

How is the webinar voyeur carried out?

I can either sign up to attend your live session or (preferred) is that you send me a copy of the recording via dropbox or similar.

Can I get a refund?

Firstly, I am not sure why you would. But, yes, you got the first 15 minutes of the initial call to cry BS. If you do, I will give you a full unconditional refund. If we get past the 15 minute marker, you are in for the duration.

Is it possible to talk to you before you carry out the webinar voyeur?

No - this is not possible. Remember - I am trying to replicate what a typical visitor will do - although I will be verbalising what I am thinking.

But I need to explain something to you beforehand. About how my webinar works etc?

My advice is to get the presentation ready for public viewing - BEFORE you request a review. After all, you wouldn't be able to "run through a few things" with any other visitor. Make your presentation do the talking...

I don't agree with what you have said

That's unfortunate. You should know that my aim isn't to embarrass you or make you look foolish. I have done all the foolish and stupid things you can possibly imagine... Remember also - any discussions we have are 100% confidential.

My webinar isn't quite ready. Can I give you the slides or something to review?

Sorry no - If that is the case, you need my webinar developer service.

WARNING - I don't work with just everyone...

I have to tell you that I *could* just refund your money. I only work with people and groups that I find interesting and if I think I can add value.

If, after I receive your initial questionnaire, I don't like the look of you or your business, I will just cancel your order. You will get a nice email saying thanks but no thanks and your money back.

Is this me being a DIVA?

NO - To have maximum impact - It is essential that I am motivated also. There are a LOT of people who will take what they have written for someone else, slap your logo on the front and pass it off as original and unique.

This isn't me...

You are covered by my big ballsy guarantee

It IS possible that your final report will make uncomfortable reading. You MAY be frustrated, angry, annoyed or just plain MAD at what I have found.

Remember though, that often, business owners will find breakthroughs unlimited just at the other side of that anger, frustration and annoyance.

However, after all that, if you really REALLY are unhappy, in any way, you have my word that you can have a full and total refund and we shake hands and part as friends.

You made it this far...

Here is the thing. I will ONLY work with people who want to get stuff done and go places. If you expect some kind of pat on the back and friendly chit chat, think again. You are going to pay me to help you make your business better, more profitable and efficient.

None of this means that I will be rude or unpleasant to you. (There are enough of those type of people in the world already).

Your best friend isn't someone who tells you how great you are. Your best friend is somebody who will tell you if you have done something stupid and stop you from doing more stupid things.

Get started today...

The webinar voyeur (plus the website voyeur and business card voyeur bonus pack) is £997.

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